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Are your staff stressed and heading towards burnout? Do you wish to support their wellbeing and improve their performance at work? Galgorm Psychology provides a range of corporate wellbeing initiatives which are tailored to the needs of organisations in Northern Ireland and throughout the UK. 

Corporate Wellbeing

Why is Corporate Wellbeing Important?

Research consistently highlights that businesses and organisations which prioritise employee wellbeing perform better than competitors who fail to place wellbeing at work at the heart of their business strategy. The workplace can cause and contribute to emotional and physical health problems, and post covid 19 there is an even greater need to prioritise and cultivate wellbeing and inclusivity in the workplace. 

A recent Workplace Health Report (2023) highlighted that 76% of employees in the UK report moderate-to-high or high levels of stress and mental health is often cited as the leading cause of absence from work. It is estimated that poor emotional wellbeing costs UK employers approximately £42-£45 billion through absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover rates. 

What are the benefits of a Corporate Wellbeing Strategy?

Workplace health and wellbeing initiatives are an investment for businesses and organisations. Research estimates that for every £1 spent on mental health in the workplace, there is a return on investment of between £4-£8. Organisations that support their employees to feel psychologically safe perform at much higher levels, with greater creativity and productivity, and attract and retain talented staff. 

There are numerous other positive outcomes of investing in employee wellbeing including:

How can Galgorm Psychology improve Workplace Health and Wellbeing? 

I can support for your wellbeing strategy by providing ‘one-off’ input such as training workshops or webinars, or by offering longer term support such as ongoing consultation and training. A bespoke package can be provided for your organisation which is individually tailored to the needs of your staff and the objectives of your organisation. 

Examples of workshops which focus on enhancing employee wellbeing are (but not limited to): 

I can provide training workshops and programmes which focus on upskilling managers to provide better support for employee wellbeing and mental health such as: 

Corporate services can be provided online via a secure platform such as zoom, or in person throughout Northern Ireland (travel costs apply). Please get in touch to discuss the needs of your organisation.  

Considering investing in a wellness programme for your organisation?

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The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) encourage an organisational-level approach as part of a strategic plan to enhance mental wellbeing in the workplace. If you are interested in learning more about their recently published Guidelines for Mental Wellbeing at Work (2022) please click the link here

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