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Individual Therapy

Psychological Therapy

Individual therapy services provide a comfortable, confidential space to explore and reflect on current stresses and to formulate a collaborative plan to reduce emotional distress and restore a sense of wellbeing.

I provide individual therapy for adults aged 18 and over who may be experiencing a wide range of mental health problems, however I currently mainly work with people experiencing:

My approach

I have a creative, integrative approach to my work, which is individually tailored to each person and their goals for therapy. In addition to building an understanding of the situations and circumstances which may be leading to distress or overwhelm, I help people develop a personalised “toolkit” of coping skills and strategies to help them cope both now and far beyond the therapy journey. To do this, I draw upon my experience and understanding of several evidence-based therapies, including:

If you are interested in understanding more about EMDR therapy, please have a look at the video clip below which provides an overview of the benefits of this therapeutic approach:

Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that it can be difficult to reach out for psychological help therefore I want to try and make this process as simple as possible for you…

Have a look my free resources page to access good-quality information based on well-researched therapeutic approaches

I have completed my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, in addition to my BSc (Hons) Degree in Psychology and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology (Clinical Specialism). I am also a trained EMDR practitioner. I continue to keep up-to-date with training in various therapeutic approaches in order to be able to provide the highest-quality, most evidence-based practice.

If you are considering working with me, please get in touch via the contact form on my website. I will then offer a free 15-minute conversation for us to establish if my service would be a good fit for you. I will then ask you to complete a referral form, and your first appointment date will be organised. Click here for more details about my how I work therapeutically.

The first session will be an opportunity to discuss the current problems, and to begin to build a psychological understanding of what has led to these difficulties. I may ask some questions about your past experiences. We will then work together to formulate a plan to address the difficulties in order to help you move towards the life you want to be living.

This can vary depending on a number of factors. I would be happy to discuss this further at our free consultation or first appointment, however typically I would work with clients for 6-18 sessions. I offer a flexible approach and will tailor your care based on desired number of sessions or work around available budget.

All information relating to you will be held confidentially in line with current GDPR regulations. I will outline this in detail in my privacy policy which will be provided prior to the first appointment. Information will only ever be shared on a ‘need to know’ basis. The only exceptions to this would be if I was concerned that you or someone else could be at risk of harm, or if you disclosed any criminal act. I would be required to pass this information onto the relevant services (such as GP, or Police) however I will do my best to advise you should this ever arise.

No, your engagement with therapy will remain confidential unless I have concerns about safety, however I will do my best to inform you if I am required to update your GP.

My fees are currently £110 per 50 minute session. Fees are payable prior to each session via bank transfer, and payment secures the appointment booking. A fee is chargeable for late notice cancellations. For further information please get in touch and I can provide details of my terms and conditions. 

Research has shown that online therapy is as effective as face-to-face therapy, plus has a few additional benefits such as increase flexibility, reduced travel time and fees, and ability to access services from a wider geographical area.

Have another query? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch…

How do therapy sessions work?

I appreciate that it can be difficult to reach out for help therefore I want to try and make this step as simple and stress free as possible,

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15 Minute Consultation

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First Appointment

We can discuss goals and formulate a plan

Considering therapy?

It can be difficult to take the first steps towards beginning therapy. I’m here to try and make this as easy as possible. Let me know what you are needing help with and we can arrange a free brief call to see if my service might be a good fit for you. Don’t forget to check out the free resources page.